• No photos of real people.
  • No photos outside ROBLOX Wiki. Photos from the other ROBLOX Wikia, ROBLOX Wiki and are ok.
  • No editing articles unless its correct.
  • No creating bad articles.
  • No swearing.
  • No bad videos.
  • Make ROBLOX Wiki by adding articles and stuff, try and make it famous, get your friends to help and no deleting.
  • Follow the rules.
  • No creating articles of other people unless they have achived 250,000 visits, unless you have to.
  • No bullying.
  • Be kind.
  • No changing user pages without permission.
  • Be 13 years old to edit and help ROBLOX Wiki.

Failure to follow the rules of ROBLOX Wiki will have you banned, account deleted or admins of ROBLOX Wiki to contact Wikia to disable the user's account.

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